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  • The parents of the bird who has been left alone do not return to the nestling or appear if people are near the nestling.
  • The opinion that “if a person has touched or breathed on the nestling, then the parents do not adopt it anymore” is wrong because the sense of smell of birds is not developed so much.
  • Do not feed the birds! Feeding the birds in the autumn will cause the birds to stay and not migrate. In this case, they may have trouble feeding themselves in the winter. Usually, the food offered by people (bread, biscuits) is too dry and unfamiliar and causes diseases. 
  • The geese, swans, brent geese and that have come to the fields to rest and feed during the migrating period may be at one place for weeks and there may even be single birds. This is not a reason to interfere. Do not feed them – they will rest and then go their own way. As a result of excessive caring (feeding) they stay put and do not fly on. 
  • Each year, more and more waterfowl winter in Estonia, their plumage and feet with specific blood supply do not let them to cool down and therefore freeze in the ice-cold water.
  • Some birds cannot take wing due to their special body structure, for example diving ducks (loons, grebes, etc.). Since they can only take wing from the water, the best help for such birds is to transport them to the nearest water body.

Photo: Leho Luigujõe

Photo: Leho Luigujõe

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