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Handling licences

Pursuant to the Atmospheric Air Protection Act, the products, equipment or systems containing fluorinated greenhouse gases or ozone depleting substances (FOKA) and their handling operations must be registered in a corresponding registry (FOKA registry).

The mentioned handling operations may only be carried out by persons holding documents certifying competence and in most cases also a handling licence.

A person handling fluorinated greenhouse gases is required to hold a handling licence in the case of some handling operations:

  1. installation, maintenance, servicing, leakage control of stationary refrigerating units, air conditioning machines and heat pumps and recovery of fluorinated greenhouse gas from these products, equipment and systems;
  2. installation, maintenance, servicing, leakage control of stationary fire-fighting equipment and recovery of fluorinated greenhouse gas from these products, equipment and systems.

Pursuant to Article 3(3)(b) of the Commission implementing regulation (EU) No. 2015/2067, handling licence is not required from companies undertaking recovery of fluorinated greenhouse gases from equipment (waste electronic equipment) covered by Directive 2012/19/EU, provided that such equipment contain less than 3 kilograms and less than 5 tonnes of CO2 equivalent of fluorinated greenhouse gases and recovery is carried out in premises covered by a waste permit in accordance with the Waste Act and the person undertaking recovery of the substance in the company has completed a training course on the minimum skills and knowledge corresponding to Category III as set out in Annex I to this Regulation verified by an attestation of competence issued by the permit holder.

An application for handling licence shall be submitted to the Environmental Board via the register of economic activities MTR. In the MTR, an application for the licence may be prepared and submitted by a person having corresponding authorisation. The formats of the application and the substantive rules of proceeding are set out in regulation No. 70 of the Minister of the Environment.

Upon the submission of the application for licence, a state fee of 270 euros shall be paid to the bank account of the Ministry of Finance. For the review of the application for the amendment of the license, a state fee of 48 euros shall be paid.

The issued handling licences are available in the register of economic activities MTR.

A handling licence has to be issued to a company before it can be marked as a maintainer of the equipment in the FOKA registry if a handling licence is required for the given operation. The licence may be issued in Estonia or in another Member State of the European Union. In the latter case, the owner of the license has to register himself/herself in the Environmental Board.

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