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Environmental Board Information Systems

The Environmental Board is operating information systems for managing various environmental data.

The purpose of establishing information systems is to centralize various data concerning environmental information and to enable environmental tax declarations to be submitted in addition to applications and reporting.

1. Information System “KOTKAS”

KOTKAS or in other words, the Comprehensive Autonomous System for Environmental Decision-Making, is an information system that aims to centralize environmental permit applications, processing, declaring environmental taxes and submitting annual reports in a common environment. The information system “KOTKAS” may be found online on

Via the information system “KOTKAS” there may be provided the declarations related to the following sectors:

  • Water
  • External air
  • Waste
  • Integrated environmental permits

In the future, it is possible to manage all environmental permit data within the system.

See also the introductory video about “KOTKAS” and instructions on how to use the information system properly.

2. e-Services Portal of the Environmental Board

The e-services portal provides declarations and quantity reports related to the mineral extraction.

The e-services portal can be found online at

Why is it good to use “KOTKAS” and the Environmental Board's e-services portal?

  • There are no calculation nor tax rate errors, nor permit registration data errors in the declaration. When submitting a declaration on paper or by e-mail, calculation errors may become apparent and you may be asked to re-submit the declaration;
  • Amount due is immediately known;
  • Use of the portal is convenient and user-friendly;
  • The declaration may be submitted at the place and the time appropriate for the declarant;
  • Preparing and submitting a declaration takes less time;
  • Calculation forms are pre-filled with permit data (only environmental use data for the relative period need to be filled in) and fee rates (calculations are done automatically);
  • The permit holder may authorize the preparation and submission of the declarations to several persons;
  • The declarant will have an overview over the declarations submitted or in other words, the declarant may later view the declarations already submitted.

How is it possible to use the information system “KOTKAS” and the e-services portal of the Environmental Board?

In order to use information systems, it is required an identification with an ID card or a Mobile ID, thus, the use of a computer with Internet access is necessary. An ID card reader and software are required for identification by an ID card. Thereafter, a contract must be concluded directly at the portal or at the offices of the Environmental Board. In order to conclude the contract at the Environmental Board office, the legal representative of the holder of the environmental permit must be accompanied by an identity document. In the event when the right of representation has been delegated, in addition to the identity document, a power of attorney confirming the legal right of delegation must accompany this document. When authorizing the use of information systems, the personal identification code and the name of the authorized person shall be provided.

3. Forest Register

The forest register collects and maintains data on the location, area, stocking level, use and condition of forests. The Forest Register is located online on

On the Forest Register, an e-forest notification may be submitted by the customers.

The Environmental Board shall enter, process and issue forest notifications, as well as fieldwork, reforestation and forest protection expertise data, and shall ensure their relevance, accuracy and associated user support of such data. Read more.

Customer Support

Upon the use of information systems, please contact the Environmental Board Customer Support by telephone on 662 5999 or contact us by e-mail at

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