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The Environmental Board is a government agency which operates within the area of the Ministry of the Environment. Our task is to implement state policies on environmental use, nature conservation and radiation safety and to monitor the fulfilment of the laws and norms established for the protection of the natural environment. We are also involved in the development and updating of legal acts and other official documents regulating the environmental field.

“The Environmental Board is a client-focussed, values-based organisation whose task is to take into account and strike a balance between the interests of nature and those of the many and various stakeholders in society. We are a knowledge-based organisation whose biggest asset is the smart, professional people who work for us. Our core values are reliability, a caring approach, effectiveness and willingness to cooperate.”

 Riho Kuppart, Director of the Environmental Board

The areas we operate in are wide-ranging: from issuing fishing and waste management permits to placing natural assets under protection, and from publishing environmental fees to offering environmental education programmes. In total, we offer 65 public services. Our clients include individuals, companies and local authorities, and we provide a lot of public services for the benefit of the state and society in the broadest sense.

The Environmental Board is represented all over Estonia, with 28 offices around the country. Our 540 members of staff champion the well-being of the natural environment on a daily basis.

On average, our staff have been working for us for 11 years, but our longest-serving employee has been with us for more than 45 years. During the first nine months of 2020, we had an average (voluntary) staff turnover of 4.7.

We allow our staff to work as close to home as possible and, if needed, remotely. We have been working from home with great success, keeping in touch with one another via our e-channels every day. Conveniently, the majority of the services we offer are available online.

The budget of the Environmental Board for 2021 is almost 18.3 million euros, plus investments and project support with targeted financing.

How is the board managed?

The services offered by the Environmental Board are divided into three main areas, which are headed up by deputy directors.


Riho Kuppart
Director General

Erik Kosenkranius
Deputy General Director
Field of environmental use

Leelo Kukk
Deputy General Director
Field of living nature

Olav Avarsalu
Deputy General Director
Field of supervision

Kairi Rikko
Head of Administrative Department

Aivar Viinapuu
Head of Strategy and
Analysis Department

Kristina Kurm
Head of Environmental Education and
Communication Department

Terje Tiiman
Head of Customer Service
and Personnel Department

Keskkonnaameti laiendatud juhtkonda (26 liiget) kuuluvad lisaks peadirektorile ja peadirektori asetäitjatele ka osakondade juhatajad, kvaliteedijuht, sisekontrolli juht, kliima- ja kiirgusosakonna nõunik (kriisijuhtimise küsimused), klienditeeninduse juht, finantsjuht ja peaanalüütik.

Our structure

There are 26 members of management in total at the Environmental Board, including the director, deputy directors, heads of departments, a Quality Manager, the Head of Internal Control, a Climate and Radiation Department advisor (on crisis management matters), the Head of Customer Service, the Head of Finance and the Senior Analyst.


We are represented all over Estonia

All investigations linked to the Environmental Board can be found in our document register. Legal acts and guidelines connected to the areas of service offered by the board can be found in the sections covering the relevant areas. All Estonian legal acts are available from the electronic State Gazette (Riigi Teataja).


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