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The Environmental Board falls within the area of governance of the Ministry of the Environment. It is our task to implement the state’s policies on the use of the environment and nature conservation and to contribute to the development and improvement of legal acts and other official documents related to the environment.

The Environmental Board provides guidance on the use of the environment, issuing permits and licences in areas as diverse as natural resources and radiation. We make sure that the way in which people and companies operate in the natural environment is in line with requirements and does not threaten the lives or health of the population.

Our work involves protecting the environment and assessing environmental impact. Where needed we restore the natural status quo, dealing with damage done to the environment by human hand, but also vice versa: we compensate the damage to people’s property caused by nature. We regulate the use of our natural resources – not merely the likes of oil shale, but also our forests, waterways and animal and bird life – and do our best to ensure that future generations will enjoy and benefit from their natural and living environments as much as we do.

The Environmental Board is responsible for the organisation of a variety of monitoring activities. For example, we are involved in research and studies into a wide range of natural sites and in the evaluation of the condition and development of habitats. We keep account of game numbers in hunting areas, make sure that there are enough fish in our waterways, and check the radioactivity levels of our air, soil, water and foodstuffs. And in order for people to care more and take a more responsible attitude towards nature we are also involved in environmental education.

Our goal is to become the agency offering the best public service in Estonia.

Our staff are determined to see the board operate efficiently and in a way that allows them to constantly build on their knowledge and experience. By implementing innovation and contemporary solutions we are creating an excellent working environment for our staff and simple, convenient solutions for our clients.

One of the key concepts for the Environmental Board is balance: we seek to preserve (and where necessary create) a realistic balance between the use and protection of natural resources; we work with Estonia’s residents, state agencies, companies and organisations and those of the European Union in a balanced way; and we are achieving balanced development within our organisation in terms of both competence and regional coverage.

The Environmental Board cooperates closely with those who are required to coordinate their activities with us and who need professional support for operations in the natural environment. We distribute information about what is happening in the environment and encourage people to take notice of nature.

Leucorrhinia perctoralis. Photo: Lars Iversen
Leucorrhinia perctoralis. Photo: Lars Iversen

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