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The creation of the merged agency

The Environmental Board was merged with the Environmental Inspectorate into a single agency on 1 January 2021.


This merger was required in order to ensure:

  • greater clarity for citizens and clients – there is now one agency rather than two, meaning clients no longer have to think about which one they should turn to on environmental matters;
  • more uniform interpretation of legal acts – in the event of different interpretations, we will address them within the agency;
  • greater cohesion within the field – we are laying the foundations for an all-in-one service view;
  • improved response times in getting to sites and enhanced ability to respond to challenges;
  • better support for law abidance and environmentally aware behaviour;
  • enhanced competence within the field – providing useful input for policy-shaping;
  • more effective use of resources; and
  • enhanced ability for service development and innovation.

1. jaanuarist 2021. a tegevust alustava ühendameti struktuur

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