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Established in 2018, an exemplary carnivore prevention fence around a beehive in Valga County.

The loss caused by large carnivores has not increased in recent years

Due to the increased awareness of livestock farmers and the widespread application of preventive measures, the damage caused by wolves, brown bears and lynx has remained at the same level in recent years. In 2018, the Environmental Board summarized the damage caused by large carnivores to...
Enefit Mines. Photo: Martin Nurme

The mining waste formed during the oil shale enrichment process will be recovered for the construction of a solar power plant

The Environmental Board granted Enefit Mines the right to recover the mining waste, i.e. the limestone originating from the oil shale enrichment process in order to construct a solar power plant foundation construction. In the past, Enefit Mines has also had the right to recover mining waste...
Himalayan Balsam. Photo: Eike Vunk

Offenders Control the Growth of the Himalayan Balsam in Pärnu and Viljandi

This year, a dangerous alien species harmful to the local vegetation and that is rapidly spreading, is being weeded along the banks of the river Pärnu and the lake Viljandi to prevent that this plant woud spread any further. Last summer, under the agreement on cooperation between the...
Only 10% of the forest was renewed with spruce in 2018. Photo: Eda Tetlov.

Renewed forest must be maintained also after planting

The renewal of forests does not end with planting the trees, but also requires improving the light and nutritional conditions of the young forest. The best season to remove excess herbaceous vegetation and scrub is in the first half of the summer, when competing plants begin to hinder the growth of...
Healthy young roe-deer does not need human help. Photo: Tõnu Talvi

Healthy young bird and animal offspring do not need human help

It is prohibited to interfere with the life, reallocation or disturbance of the the young animal and birds. In the event of noticing an injured or distressed wild animal or bird, it must be reported to Environmental Information line 1313 and followed the instructions received therefrom. “...
Hidden rabbit. Photo: Tõnu Talvi

When yielding the hay, the nature must be cared for

The Environmental Board invites the farmers stocking up for animals on winter feed to be cautious upon proceeding with their work and to take into consideration the surrounding nature. Every summer hay yielding season has started. Simultaneously with stocking up the feed for the farm animals,...
The Eurasian eagle owl. Photo: Renno Nellis

There was adopted an upgraded protection plan for one of the rarest Strigiformes species in Estonia, the Eurasian eagle owl

To safeguard the survival of the eagle owl in our wildlife, we need to study and reduce nest plundering and avoid spring timber harvesting in coastal pine forests. The Eurasian eagle owl is one of the largest Strigiformes species in Estonia, nesting mostly in old pine forests on the Estonian...
 Photo: Target species of the project, the Clouded Apollo in the Lahemaa National Park on the meadow of Altja river. Photo credit: Merili Martverk.

Come and restore rare fresh water pearl mussel habitats and crowberry heaths!

During the activities organized by the Environmental Board, anyone can join hands in improving the conditions of rare species found in Estonia, learn about our fascinating natural riches and enjoy a sizzling steam sauna as an award for the job well done. The conservation activities organized by...
The cooperation agreement was signed by Riho Kuppart, Director General of the Environmental Board and Petteri Tiippana, Director General of the Finnish Radiation Center. Photo: Elo Ilkka

The Estonian Environmental Board and the Finnish Radiation Center concluded an agreement on radiation-specific cooperation

On the 24th of May 2019 the Environmental Board and the Finnish Radiation Center (STUK) signed a Memorandum of understanding aimed at enhancing mutual cooperation, in particular in the field of nuclear and radiation-specific data exchange and emergency response. The conclusion of the Memorandum...
Flying squirrel lives in Alutaguse. Photo: Harum.koh

A collaboration council was established in Alutaguse National Park

On 8th January, the newly established Alutaguse National Park hosted the first meeting of the community and interest groups, which was attended by representatives of local government bodies, tourism associations, museums and nature preservation agencies committing to the development activities of...


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