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Kuresoo bog in Soomaa. Photo by Andres Hendrikson

Environmental Board opened new website for protected areas of Estonia

Website intruduces ten best known protected areas in Estonia. For preserving biological diversity and for ensuring the favorable status of threatened species and habitats, 18 percent of Estonia's land area and 26 percent of the water area has been taken under protection. There...
Soeginina cliff in Saaremaa. Photo: Allar Liiv

Nature conservation in Estonia

For preserving biological diversity and for ensuring the favorable status of threatened species and habitats, 18% of Estonia's land area and 26% of the water area has been taken under protection. As of December 31, 2016, Estonia had a total of 3,864 protected natural objects including...
Photo: AS Horizon Tselluloos ja Paber

The Environmental Board confirmed the activity plan of Kehra paper mill for decreasing hydrogen sulphide

Proper compliance with the activity plan for decreasing hydrogen sulphide decreases the concentration of pollutant in the ambient air and therefore the unpleasant odour in the Kehra region. In the second half-year of 2015, the Estonian Environmental Research Centre conducted control measurements...
Photo: Aimar Rakko

Fish may be introduced to a body of water only with the permission of the Environmental Board

In connection with fish introduced to the Maardu Lake, we remind that a permission of the Environmental Board is needed to introduce the fish to a body of water. Carp, like other non-native species, may not be introduced to the bodies of water of Estonia, because these species may be hazardous to...
Photo: Dagmar Undrits

Right heating ensures cleaner air

In connection with the beginning of the heating period, the Environmental Board reminds that the burning of domestic waste produced in the household has to be avoided. Dry wood, untreated wood, cardboard and paper without plastic and other untreated natural materials may be burnt in the home...
View from the Haeska observation tower in Matsalu. Photo: Kadri Paomees

Natural values of Matsalu have been protected for already 60 years

The 60th anniversary of protecting the nature of Matsalu will be celebrated on 21 September 2017 in Penijõe Manor with a jubilee event "Traces of Matsalu in Cinema”. This year, 60 years passes from the time when Matsalu State Nature Reserve, a forerunner of Matsalu National Park, was established...
Photo: Kalmer Aunap

A new forest register information system was opened today

In the new information system, it is more convenient for the forest owner to submit forest notifications and obtain an overview of the conducted forest protection and reforestation expert assessments. Also, nature conservation restrictions related to a registered immovable can be seen in the...
Restored Sääre tirp in Saaremaa. Photo: Annely Esko

Clips introducing the restoration of alvars can be seen on the Hiiumaa and Saaremaa ferries as of today

The Environmental Board introduces the objectives and activities of the project “LIFE to alvars” on the ferries sailing between the largest islands of Estonia from June to September to increase the awareness of people about the importance of alvars. Alvars are semi-natural grasslands with thin...
Photo: Mats Meriste

Preventive actions help to avoid damages caused by predators

Reasonable preventive actions help to significantly decrease and avoid damages caused by big predators to bee-keepers and cattle farmers. Constant attention needs to be paid to measures that prevent damages in the ongoing honey flow period and herding season. The honey flow period and the...


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