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Sand and limestone are primarily used in road construction. Photo credit: Martin Nurme.

Demand for mining permits has increased due to major projects

If in 2017 the Environmental Board granted 69 mining permits, 52 permits have already been granted or modified during the first eight months of this year and interest in mining is continuously increasing. The Environmental Board issues mining permits across Estonia to coordinate the sparing and...
Sosnowsky’s hogweed. Photo: Eike Vunk

Plant eradication is most often used to control the alien species of the giant hogweed

This year, the state is commissioning 2,270 hectares of giant and Sosnowsky’s hogweed and more plant eradication is commissioned than in previous years. The state has been contributing to the Estonian-wide control of foreign hogweed for more than ten years, which is unique across the Europe. The...
Gooses. Photo: Aimar Rakko

The Environmental Board and the Environment Agency are considering the allowance of goose hunting in the spring

The Environmental Board and the Environment Agency in collaboration with ornithologists, farmers and other stakeholders are considering to allow goose hunting in the spring to reach a mutually acceptable result. In Europe, bird hunting in the spring is not allowed according to the Birds...
Junior Ranger international camp 2019 in Estonia

Lahemaa National Park hosted the 18th International Camp for Young Nature Conservationists

The Environmental Board organized from 7th to 13th July, Lahemaa National Park Junior Ranger Camp for young nature conservationists, which brought together young people from 9 countries. The aim of the camp was to increase the environmental and nature awareness of young people and to develop...
Geeses. Photo: Roland Müür

A pilot study will discover the impact of different deterrents on anseriformes

In April, the Environmental Board will allow monitored geese hunting in designated fields in Jõgeva, Tartu and Ida-Viru County to investigate the impact of various deterrent measures. In spring, geese migrate from their wintering grounds in central Europe to their breeding grounds for Siberian...
Peipsi lake. Photo: Aimar Rakko

During the drought period, well water must be consumed in a sustainable manner

In hot and dry summers, water extraction from wells may result problematic if water levels in the upper aquifer layers drop while demand for water consumption increases. “Many gardeners utilise groundwater for watering plants and lawns. In dry periods, though, watering the lawn should be...
Kohtla-Järve industry. Photo: Martin Nurme

The odour issue in Kohtla-Järve is decreasing

Four companies operating in Kohtla-Järve are successfully implementing odour control plans approved by the Environmental Board to reduce odours that disturb locals. Last year, the Environmental Board approved action plans to reduce odorous chemical compounds in Novotrade Invest, Järve...
Established in 2018, an exemplary carnivore prevention fence around a beehive in Valga County.

The loss caused by large carnivores has not increased in recent years

Due to the increased awareness of livestock farmers and the widespread application of preventive measures, the damage caused by wolves, brown bears and lynx has remained at the same level in recent years. In 2018, the Environmental Board summarized the damage caused by large carnivores to...
Enefit Mines. Photo: Martin Nurme

The mining waste formed during the oil shale enrichment process will be recovered for the construction of a solar power plant

The Environmental Board granted Enefit Mines the right to recover the mining waste, i.e. the limestone originating from the oil shale enrichment process in order to construct a solar power plant foundation construction. In the past, Enefit Mines has also had the right to recover mining waste...
Himalayan Balsam. Photo: Eike Vunk

Offenders Control the Growth of the Himalayan Balsam in Pärnu and Viljandi

This year, a dangerous alien species harmful to the local vegetation and that is rapidly spreading, is being weeded along the banks of the river Pärnu and the lake Viljandi to prevent that this plant woud spread any further. Last summer, under the agreement on cooperation between the...


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