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Waste must be collected separately at major events too!

Buy less, choose well.
Buy less, choose well.

The Environmental Board puts all the concert and festival goers at heart, that waste must be collected separately also at major events, because the subsequent sorting of waste is resource and time consuming, and sometimes even impossible.

Many crowded major events are organzed in the summer, where inevitably plenty of garbage is generated. However, waste recycling it becomes a valuable resource from which something new may be produced. For instance, tin cans may be used to make a new drink container or use them to produce car parts and refrigerators. In order to facilitate the recycling of waste, it is necessary to collect it separately at source, by placing the packaging in a dedicated bin and mixed municipal waste in a dedicated container.

“By collecting waste on site, the quality of the materials is maintained, so that they can be recycled as materials. However, by mixing them with food waste, this waste quality will diminish and its subsequent sorting and cleaning will be very resource and time-consuming, sometimes even technically impossible,” explained Dagny Kungus, Chief Specialist of Waste of the Environmental Board.

In order for the waste to arrive in the right container at a public event, the organizer of the event should provide the participants with the maximum convenience of placing and using the waste containers. The Environmental Board recognizes the organizer of Metallica's major concert, which encourages the rock music lovers to sort their waste and behave responsibly. We also acknowledge the organizers of the Intsikurmu, Viljandi Folk and I Land Sound festivals, who are in favor of consuming less disposable tableware. For example, the audience is allowed to bring their own tableware and fill their own bottles of drinking water on site.

The Environmental Board also suggests that the organizers of public events also inform participants about the location of waste containers and remind them, that by separate collection of waste on site, we will save the environment. The Board also recommends to you use reusable tableware and avoid supplying plastic tableware – for this we are thanked by seals, sea turtles and other animals and birds who would get killed by plastic.

"Event organizers may create environmentally sustainable and comfortable solutions for the participants, but the noble goal requires them to contribute too," explained Dagny Kungus.

This summer, the Environmental Board has advised the organizers of major events on waste management issues and will be happy to continue to provide assistance on the matter. For more information, contact the Board’s Waste Office.

From 2020, at least 50% of municipal waste must be recycled in Estonia. Material recycling helps save water, electricity and other resources. This requires separate collection of waste at source, in order to avoid subsequent high resource costs.

More information:
Dagny Kungus
Chief Specialist of Waste of the Environmental Board
telephone: 577 02 007

Sille Ader
Spokesperson for the Environmental Board
telephone: 5745 0332

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