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With the start of the hunting season, drivers need to be even more alert on the roads

Start of the hunting season. Photo: Aimar Rakko
Start of the hunting season. Photo: Aimar Rakko

The 1st October marked the start of a season of deer, wild boar, wild goat and red deer chasing, which can lead to more wild animals accidentally getting on the roads.

“Drivers need to be even more attentive on non-built up roads as both hunting season and the alienation of inexperienced juveniles and the breeding season of wildlife increase the chances of wild animals getting on the road. It is recommended to be particularly watchful in the evening at dusk and early morning at dawn, when wild animals are more on the move. When an animal arrives, you should patiently wait for it to leave and make sure no other companions are out in the shade under the tree bushes, ” shared Aimar Rakko, head of the hunting and aquatic biology office at the Environmental Board.

The county hunting councils approved the establishment of the following hunting volumes for 2019/2020 to control Estonian game populations and game damage in Estonia for the hunting season: 5,966 moose, 2,459 red deer, 31,619 deer. To control the African swine fever, 5,170 boars must be hunted during this hunting season to bring the wild boar population down to one per 1,000 hectares.

The hunting of wild game is above all necessary to control their high abundance in our wildlife and to reduce the damage caused by the wild game. For example, due to the high numbers of deers, damage to forest owners and farmers has increased and traffic accidents with deers have increased.

We also remind berry and mushroom pickers and other forest walkers that their paths may cross their paths with the hunters’. As everyone has the right to stay in the woods, both sides should be assured of the safety of future moves. The Estonian Hunters' Society has advised hunting societies to use temporary warning signs "Caution when hunting" along the roads. When you enter the hunting area as you move into the forest, be visible and noticed, and the hunting shall be interrupted via the radio, until the necessary safety is ensured.

According to the hunting rules, the chase for moose shall be held until 15th December, deer 31st December, red deer 31st January and wild boar 31st March.

For more information:
Aimar Rakko
Head of the hunting and aquatic biology office of the Environmental Board
telephone: 5306 9104

Sille Ader
Public Relations Advisor at the Environmental Board
telephone: 5745 0332

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