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Environmental information can be reported via the national hotline 1247 from the new year

Work area of Emergency Response Centre. Foto: Danel Rinaldo
Work area of Emergency Response Centre. Foto: Danel Rinaldo

The number to call to report pollution, injured animals and breaches of environmental law from 2021 is the national hotline 1247.

This change is due to the restructuring of the Emergency Response Centre (ERC), in the course of which all of the information lines managed by the centre are being merged under the single national hotline 1247. The number is easy to remember if you memorise it as the one number you can call 24/7. Calls to the hotline are free of charge.

“In terms of how things are handled, the switch to 1247 won’t change anything,” explained Environmental Board advisor Himot Maran. “The operator at the ERC will forward the information to the inspectors in the relevant county according to the procedure that’s been agreed on. If the information doesn’t pertain to the Environmental Board, it will be passed on to whoever needs to see it.” The Environmental Inspectorate and the Environmental Board will be merging on 1 January 2021.

In time, the 1247 hotline number will be added to the information boards at nature sites around the country. Those on hiking trails are already being updated.

Making all of the necessary changes and familiarising everyone with the number will take time. For this reason, the 1313 hotline remains in operation at present, with calls being redirected to 1247.

Environmental information can also be submitted by e-mailing

The ERC launched the single national hotline on 16 March 2020 and has so far received more than 100,000 calls. “We’re really glad people have taken to it as well as they have,” said the centre’s director Kätlin Alvela. “It’s great that it’s being made easier for people to talk to all the various agencies in the country – and that you won’t need to know dozens of different numbers anymore!” Starting from the new year, the 1247 hotline will not only enable callers to provide information to the Environmental Board, but also to obtain information about roads and rescue services.

According to Alvela, bringing help and information services together under one number is the first step in shaping the 1247 hotline as the first point of contact for people who need information from the state. “This year has shown that after the emergency services number 112, the 1247 hotline has become the second most important service people need and expect from the state,” she explained. “That helps us free up the emergency lines for those whose lives, health or property are in danger.”

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