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Keskkonnaameti üldtelefon: 680 7438, e-post:
E-teenuste klienditoe telefon: 662 5999, e-post:

Lõuna regioon

Name Position Telephone E-mail Regioon
Ena Poltimäe Manager 5031505
Kairit Kriis Water Specialist 7762417 5249230
Peeter Ekstein Ambient Air Specialist 6807903 53404562
Katre Voolaid Ambient Air Specialist 56296417
Anu Holvandus Water Specialist 7868363 56949046
Meelis Järvemägi Water Specialist 7990906 5061821
Kai Kimmel Natural Resource Utilization Specialist 7762418 5289685
Hille Lapp Natural Resource Utilization Specialist 5101507
Helen Manguse Senior Environmental Usage Specialist 7762423 5034871
Mariliis Paal Natural Resource Utilization Specialist 56957205
Ivo Ojamäe Environmental Management Specialist 7302252 5057438
Marko Petrov Water Specialist 7302255
Siret Punnisk Environmental Management Specialist 7990913, 5128350
Marlen Raska Ambient Air Specialist 4355620 56805915
Kaili Viilma Senior Nature Conservation Specialist 5051955
Heleene Voika Water Specialist 4355617
Maret Voolaid Natural Resource Utilization Specialist 7669290 53416256
Tarmo Evestus Protection Organization Specialist 7669293 53088511
Annika Tuum Natural Resource Utilization Specialist 7823605, 56979133
Jarmo Jaanus Protection Organization Specialist 56961888
Tarmo Niitla Protection Organization Specialist 56989604
Silja Jakobi Water Specialist 7302245
Pille Saarnits Natural Resource Utilization Specialist 5233848
Britta Kalgan Protection Organization Specialist 518 0337
Lilian Freiberg Cultural Heritage Specialist 5172646
Sandra Urvak Cultural Heritage Specialist 5527726

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