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Keskkonnaameti üldtelefon: 680 7438, e-post:
E-teenuste klienditoe telefon: 662 5999, e-post:

Lääne regioon

Name Position Telephone E-mail Regioon
Sulev Vare Manager 5069115
Kadri Tamm Environmental Management Specialist 4527761 53002210
Toomas Kalda Environmental Management Specialist 4477383 5107975
Krista Kallavus Cultural Heritage Specialist 4724224 5226139
Marit Kivisild Ambient Air Specialist 4841173 53445432
Liia Krumm Ambient Air Specialist 4527759 53325577
Ilona Lepik Protection Organization Specialist 4724228 5201087
Allar Liiv Natural Resource Utilization Specialist 4527766 57702448
Rita Miller Protection Organization Specialist 4636829, 53011496
Maarja Nõmm Protection Organization Specialist 56820722
Toomas Padjus Senior Environmental Usage Specialist 503 1447 503 1447
Melika Paljak Water Specialist 4527763 5285392
Olavi Randver Natural Resource Utilization Specialist 3848685 5254935
Karina Poolma Water Specialist 56958115
Anne Sula Natural Resource Utilization Specialist 4724727
Kadri Hänni Senior Nature Conservation Specialist 4477374, 5277419
Marii Leinberg Water Specialist 56993062
Christina Vohla Water Specialist 56908272
Eve Kirs Water Specialist 4527755 56949603
Liisu Aulik Protection Organization Specialist 4477372 56924060
Maiken Lukas Natural Resource Utilization Specialist 5248907
Maris Pärn Natural Resource Utilization Specialist 4477376 56977945

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