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Keskkonnaameti üldtelefon: 680 7438, e-post:
E-teenuste klienditoe telefon: 662 5999, e-post:

Põhja regioon

Name Position Telephone E-mail Regioon
Jaak Jürgenson Manager 3324400 5051086
Mareile Michelson Natural Resource Utilization Specialist 3258409
Käthlin Rillo Protection Organization Specialist 56995083
Janar Aleksandrov Natural Resource Utilization Specialist 5124731
Ljudmila Bogdanova Water Specialist 3324402 5250480
Julia Dubova Water Specialist 3572616 56934908
Katrin Jürgens Protection Organization Specialist 3295534 5238548
Monika Laurits-Arro Protection Organization Specialist 4841175, 53020849
Tiina Napp Natural Resource Utilization Specialist 6744822 5061696
Ave Paulus Cultural Heritage Specialist 3295533 53327893
Riina Pomerants Natural Resource Utilization Specialist 3258405 5024338
Merike Pärtma Senior Environmental Usage Specialist 3258412 56970623
Maret Vildak Senior Nature Conservation Specialist 3258400 5544646
Ester Pindmaa Environmental Management Specialist 384 8744
Liisa Rennel Expert 3295549
Nele Väits Natural Resource Utilization Specialist 6744823
Katrin Kaldma Expert 59199186 Eesti
Egle Alt Environmental Management Specialist 3848689
Jelizaveta Morozova Ambient Air Specialist 3324413
Geidi Rõõm Water Specialist 3848741
Annika Mikomägi Senior Environmental Usage Specialist 6744820 56970622
Christopher-Andre Kontus Environmental Management Specialist 674 4809
Camilla Kastein Protection Organization Specialist 3324408 56940905
Age Kaljuorg Water Specialist 524 0165
Anni Aasa Water Specialist 674 4821
Egle Avi Water Specialist 6744819 56992345
Hanna-Liis Heinla Water Specialist 6744818 56949107
Helen Opp Ambient Air Specialist 484 1178
Karine Rajasaar Ambient Air Specialist 674 4814
Krista Pukk Natural Resource Utilization Specialist 56995021
Marko Ansip Ambient Air Specialist 3227628
Merily Lakson Ambient Air Specialist 3258406 56221750
Merje Verhovitš Water Specialist 3258413
Merlin Kriisk Ambient Air Specialist 3324417
Riho Bonder Senior Environmental Usage Specialist 529 0616
Riina Martverk Project Manager 5119332
Tõnu Laasi Project Manager
Triin Triisberg-Uljas Water Specialist 6744825
Uudo Timm Expert

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