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River basins

On the basis of regulation of the Government of the Estonian Republic no 132, 9 September 2010, the territory of Estonia is divided into 3 river basins: The West Estonian river basin, the East Estonian river basin, and the Koiva river basin.

The West Estonian river basin is divided in turn into the following sub-basins the Harju sub-basin, the western islands sub-basin, the Matsalu sub-basin, and the Pärnu sub-basin.

The East Estonian river basin is divided in turn into the following sub-basins: the Viru sub-basin, the Peipsi sub-basin, and the Võrtsjärve sub-basin.

The Pandivere groundwater sub-basin is formed on the Pandivere Upland and belongs to both the West Estonian and East Estonian river basins.

A river basin or sub-basin is a land area from which a river or rivers together with tributaries and lakes get their water and flow through a common river mouth into the sea. River basins and sub-basins are water management units, which do not follow county or rural municipality administrative borders.

The water management plan is a single document containing the following primary surface water and ground water objectives: supplying the entire population with drinking water; the maintaining of surface water bodies in a condition as close to their natural state as possible depending on the type of water body and area of application; the preservation of aquatic biotic diversity in aquatic environments; the preservation of the ecological value of coastal waters and coasts; the clear stipulation of water supply use possibilities and restrictions that support sustainable economic development.

Detailed information related to river basins can be found HERE.

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