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Species' protection sites

Species’ protection sites

Species’ protection sites shall be created for the protection of habitats of protected species. The protection objective of the species’ protection sites is to preserve important habitats of certain protected species. Threatened species are also protected in the protected areas and limited-conservation areas, but these have wider objectives in addition to species protection objectives – threatened communities are protected, nature is preserved, protected, restored, studied or introduced. As a rule, the surface area of protected areas and limited-conservation areas is larger than species’ protection sites.

Species’ protection sites are created automatically for the protection of the nests of eagles, flying squirrels and black storks immediately after finding the nesting tree in the extent and pursuant to the protection procedure prescribed by the Nature Conservation Act. Other species’ protection sites are created and their protection procedure is confirmed by a regulation of the Minister of the Environment.

Species’ protection sites created in Estonia are primarily for the preservation of habitats of the species of I and II protection category. See also the list of the species of III protection category.

Rules of protection of all the species’ protection sites created by a regulation of the Minister of the Environment are also available at the homepage of Riigi Teataja.

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