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Species protection

The objective of species protection is to ensure that the populations (body of individuals of one species in a certain place) of all usual and indigenous species living here would be viable.

A state of a species is good if the abundance of the population of the species shows that the species is preserved in the distant future as a viable component of their natural habitats, the natural range of the species does not decrease and there is and probably will be a sufficiently big habitat for the long-term preservation of the populations of the species. 

In order to protect the species, some species have been granted national protection (basis: red list of Estonia) and the protection of their habitats is ensured by the creation of protected areas, limited-conservation areas or species’ protection sites. See information on the species in the database Estonian eBiodiversity.

Action plans are prepared to improve the state of threatened species. The basis for restricting the abundance of species threatening the environment or the people are species management action plans.

The Bureau of Species Protection of the Environmental Board engages in the organisation of species protection and its activity includes preparing regulations of species’ protection sites, preparing species protection and management action plans, organising management of non-native species, planning species protection works, organising the spread and study of protected species, granting permits of removal from wild and other permits stemming from the Nature Conservation Act, preventing and compensating for animal damages.


Flying Squirrel (Pteromys volans) is found in European Union only in Estonia and Finland. Photo: harum.koh

The Estonian Nature Information System (EELIS) is an official database maintained by the Environment Information Centre and one of its objectives is to keep the accounting of the places the species is found.

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