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Estonian Legislation
Regulations of the Government
  • Regulation No. 163 of 30 April 2004: The Bases for Calculation of Exemption Values, and the Exemption Values for Radionuclides
  • Regulation No. 193 of 17 May 2004: Effective Dose and Equivalent Dose Limits for the Lens of the Eyes, Skin and Extremities for Exposed Workers and Members of the Public
  • Regulation No. 243 of 8 July 2004: Procedure Specifications for Processing Documents of Import, Export and Transit of Radioactive Waste Based on Country of Origin and Destination
  • Regulation No. 244 of 8 July 2004: Statutes for Maintenance of the State Dose Register of Exposed Workers
Regulations of the Minister of the Environment
  • Regulation No. 41 of 29 April 2004: The Time Limits for Proceedings to Issue, Amend or Revoke Radiation Practice Licences, the Specific Requirements for and Format of Applications for Radiation Practice Licences, and the Format of Radiation Practice Licences (unofficial translation (DOC))
  • Regulation No. 86 of 8 July 2004: Requirements for Exposed Workers Radiation Safety Training
  • Regulation No. 93 of 14 July 2004: Intervention and Action Levels, and Emergency Exposure Guidance in a Radiological Emergency
  • Regulation No. 110 of 27 August 2004: The Requirements for the Results of Individual Monitoring of Outside Workers, and for Formalising Such Results, and for the Standard Format for the Dose Chart of Outside Workers (unofficial translation (DOC))
  • Regulation No. 113 of 7 September 2004: Requirements for the Rooms Where the Radiation Sources Are Situated and for Labelling Thereof and for the Working Rules for the Performance of Radiation Practices (unofficial translation (DOC))
  • Regulation No. 127 of 12 October 2004: The Format of Activity Licences of Qualified Experts and Applications Therefor and the Procedure for the Issue, Extension, Suspension and Revocation of Activity Licences
  • Regulation No. 8 of 9 February 2005: The Classification of Radioactive Waste, the Requirements for Registration, Management and Delivery of Radioactive Waste and the Acceptance Criteria for Radioactive Waste
  • Regulation No. 10 of 15 February 2005: The Clearance Levels for Radioactive Substances and Materials Contaminated with Radioactive Substances Resulting from Radiation Practices, and the Requirements for Their Clearance, Recycling and Reuse
  • Regulation No. 45 of 26 May 2005: The Procedure for Monitoring and Estimation of Effective Doses Incurred by Exposed Workers and Members of the Public, and the Coefficients for Calculating Radionuclide Ingestion and Inhalation Doses
International Conventions and Agreements

Estonia has acceded a number of international conventions and agreements on radiation and nuclear safety:

  • Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (accession 1992)
  • Convention of Early Notification of a Nuclear Accident (accession 1994)
  • Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (accession 1994)
  • Vienna Convention on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage (accession 1994)
  • Convention on Assistance in the Case of a Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency (accession 1994)
  • Joint Protocol to the Application of the Vienna Convention and Paris Convention (accession 1994)
  • Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Estonia and the International Atomic Energy Agency for the Application of Safeguards in connection with the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (approval 1997)
  • Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (signed 1996, ratified 1999)
  • Additional Protocol to the IAEA Safeguards Agreement (signed 2000, accession 2005)
  • Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management (signed 2001, ratified 2005)
  • Agreement between the Kingdom of Belgium, the Kingdom of Denmark, the Federal Republic of Germany, Ireland, the Italian Republic, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the European Atomic Energy Community and the International Atomic Energy Agency in implementation of Article III (1) and (4) of the Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons (accession 2005)
  • Convention on Nuclear Safety (accession 2005)



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