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There are three species of swallows in Estonia: common swallow, common house martin and common sand martin.

The nestlings of common house martin and common sand martin may fall down with the nest due to excessive moisture or excessive dryness. Sometimes the nests are in the way of urgent repair and construction works and it is not possible to wait until the nestlings are able to fly. The fastest way to help is to build a nest box quickly and place it as near to the location of the former nest as possible. A simple nest base can also be constructed from a smaller flower pot with a diameter similar to the nest into which the remaining parts of the nest and the nestlings can be placed.

If the nestlings are probably able to fly (no down feathers can be seen and the pinions are grown), you might to try to throw them gently into the air for a few times. The test throws should be done on a hayfield or on grass. If the nestling does not fly, try again in a couple of hours.

Swallow. Photo: Mati Martinson
The state of the population of the common swallow who is the national bird of Estonia reflects the changes taking place in our traditional farm landscape. Photo: Mati Martinson

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