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Application for fishing cards

A fishing card needs to be applied for if entangling nets, longlines, trap nets, dip-nets and traps, hoopnet, dragnet, harpoons (Lake Saadjärv, Kuremaa), trolls (Endla or Silma nature conservation area, Matsalu National Park), spinning reels and fly hooks are used as fishing gear.

The application for fishing card may be submitted online or on site at the offices of the Environmental Board. Each applicant is granted one permit for fishing with the same fishing gear on the same body of water for the same period. In this way, one cannot purchase a permit on site at the Environmental Board in addition to a permit purchased online and vice versa. Fishing cards to permanent residents of small islands for fishing in waters surrounding the small islands of their residence are issued by the local government.

Separate limits have been established on the net permits and crayfish catching permits issued on site at the Environmental Board and online. In 2018, approximately 7% of the total established limit is issued at the Environmental Board.

Application online

The fishing card may be applied for online at the homepage of Upon applying, one must authenticate himself/herself by using an ID-card, mobile ID or an Internet bank. The permit must be paid for right after applying using an Internet bank or a credit card.

Application at the Environmental Board

It is possible to submit the application on paper at the Environmental Board. If the application is submitted for another person, a signed letter of authority (in free form) by the applicant must be added to the application in which the applicant authorises the other person to submit the application in his/her name. The decision on the grant or refusal to grant the permit shall be made within 10 working days and it is sent to the applicant of the permit via mail or e-mail.

The applications are accepted at all of the offices of the Environmental Board located at the county centres. In Põlva County, the applications are accepted at Räpina office. At Palmse and Otepää offices, also at the headquarters of the Environmental Board (Narva mnt 7a), applications for fishing cards cannot be submitted.

Application can also be sent via e-mail. In this case, the submitted application has to have the digital signature of the applicant of the permit. One person cannot sign the application digitally for another person. Via e-mail, the application should be sent to and by mail to Paala tee 4, 71014 Viljandi.

Upon applications sent via mail and e-mail, the time of the submission of the application is the date and time of the registration of the application which the Environmental Board has marked in the document management system. This is, of course, a later time than the date and/or time the e-mail was sent, because the application is registered at the first opportunity, but still some time after the application was received. The date and time of sending an e-mail shall not be taken into account upon registering the application!

The form of the application for the fishing card (doc and pdf formats) can be downloaded here:

Form of application for fishing card (DOCX)

Form of application for fishing card (PDF)

Application by mobile

By mobile, fishing cards may only be purchased in such areas where the number of issued permits is not limited (trout rivers, salmon rivers, Endla and Silma nature conservation area, etc.).

When paying by mobile, one must enter the following combination of numbers (1322*code of the fishing ground*personal identification code) and call (not send as a text message). See the codes here.

Fishing cards without maximum number can also be purchased from several Omniva post offices (PDF).

Contact information of specialist issuing fishing cards:

Kerli Pettai (Lake Peipsi, Lake Võrtsjärv, Jõgeva, Tartu, Põlva, Valga, Viljandi, Võru Counties)
730 2256, 5366 2619

Arno Sildos (Harju, Rapla, Järva, Lääne-Viru, Ida-Viru Counties)
674 4813, 5300 4038

Märt Kesküla (Hiiu, Lääne, Saare, Pärnu Counties)
463 6823, 523 4410


Fishing. Photo: Aimar Rakko
Fishing. Photo: Aimar Rakko

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