Hiking trails


There is a variety of nature and hiking trails in Lahemaa

Oandu Old-growth Forest Nature Trail – 4.7 km, partly boardwalk. The start and finish at Oandu. The trail shows the characteristic features of a natural forest.

Beaver Trail – 1 km. The trail includes the valley of one of the most beautiful North Estonian rivers, the Altja River, beaver dams and burrows.

Majakivi Nature Trail on JumindaPeninsula – 7 km in total, partly boardwalk. The third biggest erratic boulder in Estonia – Majakivi (House Rock). 7m in height, 32 m in circumference. The trail is in the shape of the figure eight. The start is near Virve Village by Loksa-Leesi Road. You may take a short walk to the erratic and back to the starting point, or continue your walk to Kolga-Aabla. There is a watch tower on Pikanõmme Dune. Dunes, woods and a small bog surround the erratic boulder.

Viru Bog Nature Trail – 3.5 km. The start is by Loksa Road, 1 km off Tallinn-Narva Highway. A boardwalk crosses the bog where you can study typical bog plants. A nice view opens onto the bog pools from the watch tower.

Altja Nature and Culture Trail – 3 km. The start is by the suspension bridge at the river mouth. A fishing village and riverside nature are part of this trail.

Käsmu Nature and Culture Trail – 4.2 km. The captains’ village with the biggest area of accumulation of erratics in Estonia is the so called stone field.

Käsmu Hiking and Cycling Trails – 14 km. The start is by the chapel.

Oandu-Võsu-Nõmmeveski-Liiapeksi Hiking and Cycling Trail. Three stretches: Oandu-Võsu - 9.5 km, Võsu-Nõmmeveski - 17.5 km, Nõmmeveski-Liiapeksi - 16 km. There are marked sites for campfires and tents.

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