Rules for hiking in nature


In the national park private roads and paths are open for public access if there is no sign. Entry into signed private land (ERAMAA), private property (ERAVALDUS) or use of private road (ERATEE) is forbidden without the owner’s consent.  On private land the access to protected objects and sites must be open from sunrise till dawn. There is no entry to farmyards, gardens, plantations or agricultural land.

On the seashore path, 10 m from the water line, there are no restrictions of entry for visitors. Other bodies of water have an open shore path, 4 m from the water line.

Motor vechicles, landcruisers, ATVs and motor sledges are allowed on public roads only.

Hiking, cycling and skiing is allowed on fire lines between forest compartments, unmade roads, paths and public roads.

Jet-skis are forbidden on the water between Vergi and Vainopea, the Koolimäe Bay and EruBay

Fishing is allowed in the limited management zone as laid down in the fishing regulations. It is forbidden to fish in the special management zones and on the rivers downstream from bridges or dams: the Mustoja River downstream from Vihula Dam, the Altja River from Oandu Dam, the Võsu River from Laviku Dam, the Valgejõgi River from Kotka Dam, the Pudisoo River from the bridge by Tallinn-Narva Highway, the Loo River from Loo Dam, the Loobu River from Joaveski Dam and the section of the Loobu River between Tallinn-Narva Highway and Joaveski, which is in the special management zone.

The are marked areas for camping and making campfires. Camping by more than 50 persons is subject to approval from the State Nature Conservation Centre Järva-Lääne-Viru Region. On private land you should ask permission from the landowner.

When leaving, you should take your rubbish with you. Leave the camping site as you would like to find it.

Collect fallen branches and cones to feed your campfire. It is not permitted to cut live trees or dead trees. Before leaving the campground be sure that the fire has been put out properly.


Enjoy the national park, respect its wildlife and local residents!

Please inform the Environmental Inspectorate about any damage to nature or activities which may lead to damage, phone 1313. Phone the police, 110 if any help is needed.