The Environmental Board


The Environmental Board deals with people, plants, animals and their living environments in terms of the four basic elements – on land, in water, in fire and in the air.

Our goal is to become the agency offering the best public service in Estonia. Our staff are determined to see the board operate efficiently and in a way that allows them to constantly build on their knowledge and experience. By implementing innovation and contemporary solutions we are creating an excellent working environment for our staff and simple, convenient solutions for our clients.

One of the key concepts for the Environmental Board is balance: we seek to preserve (and where necessary create) a realistic balance between the use and protection of natural resources; we work with Estonia’s residents, state agencies, companies and organisations and those of the European Union in a balanced way; and we are achieving balanced development within our organisation in terms of both competence and regional coverage.

The Environmental Board cooperates closely with those who are required to coordinate their activities with us and who need professional support for operations in the natural environment. We distribute information about what is happening in the environment and encourage people to take notice of nature.

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